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Master of Science [MSc] /PgDip/PgCert/GradCert/GradDip Health Professionals and Sport Scientists CPD Framework

Course Specification: Core Award Data

Course Specification: Student Learning Experience


  Stage 1   Semester 1 CREDITS LEVEL  
  HSM043   Research Methods 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM045   Research Project 60 SCQF 11  
  HSM077   Promoting Health In Practice 5 SCQF 11  
  HSM086   Clinical Gait & Movement Analysis 30 SCQF 11  
  HSM088   Contract Learning for Professional Development 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM121   Integrating Fifth Wave Thinking Into Professional Practice 5 SCQF 11  
  HSM131   Principles Of Diagnostic Image Reporting 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM132   Radiographic Appearances Of Musculo-skeletal Patho-physiology And Trauma 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM135   Principles And Concepts: Health Promotion And Public Health 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM137   Global Health 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM138   Evidenced-based Public Health 30 SCQF 11  
  HSM139   Health Psychology and the Principles of Behaviour Change 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM140   Population Health and Wellbeing 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM141   Leading Change and Partnerships 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM158   Inequalities 15 SCQF 11  
  HSM159   Quality Improvement In Professional Practice 30 SCQF 11  
  HSM167    Neurological rehabilitation across the lifespan: theory and practice 30 SCQF 11  
  HSM168   Supporting Workplace Health And Wellness: Enhancing Professional Practice 30 SCQF 11  
    Total for Semester:   0  
Route A - The modules undertaken by the student will vary depending upon the student's individual CPD needs.
    Total for Stage: 0    


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