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Master of Science [MSc] Oil and Gas Accounting and Finance

Course Specification: Core Award Data

Course Specification: Student Learning Experience


  Stage 1   Semester 1 CREDITS LEVEL  
  BSM001   Financial Information and Decision Making 15 SCQF 11  
  BSM002   Finance Theory 15 SCQF 11  
  BSM004   Quantitative Methods For Finance 15 SCQF 11  
  BSM179   Oil And Gas Economics 15 SCQF 11  
    Total for Semester:   60  
  Stage 1   Semester 2 CREDITS LEVEL  
  BSM156   Oil & Gas Accounting 15 SCQF 11  
  BSM2519   Oil and Gas Management 15 SCQF 11  
  BSM741   Strategic Risk Management 15 SCQF 11  
  BSM746   Oil & Gas Financial Analysis, Modelling & Risk Management 15 SCQF 11  
    Total for Semester:   60  
  Stage 1   Semester 3 CREDITS LEVEL  
  BSM301   Placement (Postgraduate) 60 SCQF 11   B
  BSM823   Capstone 60 SCQF 11   A B
  Note: Route totals are not equal ->   Totals for Semester:   Route A: 60
Route B: 120
Route A - MSc without Placement
Route B - MSc with Placement
    Total for Stage: 180    

Full-time on campus students are given the option to apply for a 48 weeks placement. Students apply from Semester 1 and can start the placement in Semester 3 in parallel to undertaking their Capstone project. If successful, students graduate with an additional 60 credits (BSM301 - Placement (Postgraduate) module). This option is not available to students who finish in May (i.e. students starting the course in January). If students are unsuccessful in securing a placement by the start of semester 3, then they undertake the Capstone project in semester 3.



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