Digital Provision Scheme Application Form

Part 1: Personal details

>Digital Provision Scheme 21-22 Guidance Notes (PDF 102KB)

(please refer to guidance notes attached for definitions)

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Part 2: Application

Are you a Care Leaver or Care Experienced? Required


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Are you estranged from your family? Required


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Are you in receipt of discretionary/hardship funding? Required


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Is your current annual household income is below £34,000 or are you receipt of social benefits such as Universal Credit? Required


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Do you receive funding from the Connecting Scotland initiative? Required


Do you receive Disabled Students’ Allowance? Required


Do you receive funding for Additional Support Needs? Required


Part 3: Equal Opportunities Monitoring

Ethnic origin is not about nationality, place of birth or citizenship. It is about the group to which you perceive you belong.

Do you consider yourself to have a disability or health condition? Required


What is your sexual orientation? Required


What is your religion or belief? Required


Gender Required


Part 4: Terms and Conditions of the Scheme

Digital Provision Scheme Terms and Conditions

  • Lost, damaged or stolen equipment must be immediately reported by email at: Stolen equipment must also be reported to the police and a crime reference number provided.
  • By signing this agreement, you assume complete liability for the equipment and RGU will have no responsibility for maintenance except those covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Ownership of the equipment will remain with RGU for the duration of your studies, however, by signing this agreement you acknowledge that you are responsible for keeping the equipment in good working order for the duration of your studies.
  • By signing this agreement, you accept sole responsibility for this equipment for the duration of your studies. You will not leave the equipment unsupervised in unsecure areas and you agree to acceptable use of this equipment in accordance with the IT Acceptable Use Policy 2020.
  • RGU will use the data you have provided for internal purposes only. No personal data will be shared with any external parties. More information about how RGU uses your personal data and your rights in relation to data protection can be found at

Statement of Decleration Required