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Delivery Format

There are three formats in which Fit 4 energy can be delivered please select the format most applicable to your needs.

Individuals Learner or Employees

Individual Courses: Select individual courses from our 11-course menu.

Please choose all the course/s you wish to study from the list below.

Price: £500 per course of 1 full day workshop and two follow up half days.

Bespoke Company Package

Delivery format can be made bespoke to your firm with delivery on your premises and at a time of your choosing. If you select this option will contact you to discuss your exact requirements. This will be based on the number of delegates and the location for delivery.

Pricing for the bespoke company package is assessed on a case by case basis.

Fit4Energy Cohort 3

Our 11-course programme is designed to upskill your company.

Subject to demand we will run a third cohort in 2020.

Price: £3,700 per company for the minimum eight courses. Each additional course, over and above the 8, will be charged at a rate of £465.

The ‘Strategy, Markets & Business Planning’ and ‘Skills Development for Scale Up’ courses are core to the programme and must be undertaken first, of the remaining nine courses on offer please indicate which are a future priority for your company.

Course options: please tick all courses that you consider to be the required courses for your company. You must select a minimum of 6 courses from the list.

Please select individual courses from our 11-course menu


Invoice Details

  • We will be in touch to finalise participant details prior to each of the course start dates.
  • If you require further information please contact us at

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