RGU Web Redevelopment Project

Phase 1 of the Web Redevelopment Project (November 07 – May 08) identified a need (based on user testing) to redesign the RGU website in order to better meet the information and experiential needs of prospective students. A new, high level information architecture was proposed, based on “subject hubs”, and a number of work-streams identified as a “phase 2” development covering detailed redesign and implementation.

The phase 2 web redevelopment project was initiated in November 2008 and the first Project Board approved the project on 19th December 2008.

Key Aspects of the Business Case

The key benefits highlighted in the business case are:

Critical Success Factors

The following factors will be used at the closure of the project to measure its success and where stated in the Business Case as the overall objectives:

Project Scope

The scope of this project can be divided into the following areas:

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