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Master Retention Schedule (MaRS)

What is the MaRS?

The RGU: Master Retention Schedule (MaRS) is an essential element of the University's Records Management Strategy. It is a control document which sets out the recommended mimimum amount of time that the University needs to keep its records. The MaRS applies to all records irrespective of the format in which they are maintained or the media upon which they are held, for example records held on paper; electronically including emails and databases; on microfilm and on any other storage media.

Developing the MaRS

The MaRS is based on a model (2008), which was produced by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). JISC carried out comprehensive and extensive research in order to produce this records retention model. For example, they consulted with Scottish legal experts and various licensing and professional bodies.

The JISC model has been widely adopted throughout the UK Higher Education Sector, with schedules being tailored to meet specific needs of each Higher Education Institution.

Since the end of 2007, the Records Management Department has been liaising with the Records Management Network and other key members of staff to look at the JISC model in order to ensure that RGU's Master Retention Schedule meets the University's own record-keeping requirements.

Putting the MaRS into practice

The MaRS is a guideline and no decision should be made based on it without first checking with heads of departments.

The MaRS should be used by individual Schools and Departments to develop or reinforce their own specific record-keeping procedures.   

It is the responsibility of each School and Department to take note of this new guideline and to implement the MaRS into their own management of their records.

The MaRS does not prevent staff from keeping records for a longer period of time if they wish to do this. The retention periods of some records will be dictated by external guidelines, sponsoring authorities or other internal RGU guidelines, and staff should continue to follow these particular guidelines and requirements.

Please do not hestitate to contact the Records Management Team (recordsmanagement at rgu.ac.uk) if you would like help in applying the MaRS to your record-keeping procedures.

File Icon Examples on how to use the Master Retention Schedule

File Icon Records which may be routinely destroyed

File Icon Index by Record Type

The following is the final version of the MaRS as of November 2008, except for the Research, Project Management and School or Department Office(s) Administration sections, as staff are still reviewing these sections.

File Icon Introduction

File Icon 0. General (RGU Strategies, Policies and Procedures)

File Icon 1. Teaching

File Icon 2. Research (approved by RKTC and uploaded May 09)

File Icon 3.Student AdministrationRevised20122711

File Icon 4. Student Service Managementfinalversion220122711.pdf

File Icon 5. Related Companies Management

File Icon 6. Commercial Service Management

File Icon 7. Retail Trading Management

File Icon 8. Public Relations Management

File Icon 9. Media Relations Management

File Icon 10. HE Sector Relations Management

File Icon 11. Local Community Relations Management

File Icon 12. Alumni Relations Management

File Icon 13. Fundraising

File Icon 14. Publishing

File Icon 15. Strategic Planning and Performance Management

File Icon 16. Governance

File Icon 17. Risk Management

File Icon 18. Quality Management

File Icon 19. Audit

File Icon 20. Legal Affairs Management

File Icon 21. Government Relations Management

File Icon 22. HE Regulator Relations Management

File Icon 23. Student Association Relations Management

File Icon 24. Organisational Development

File Icon 25. Health and Safety Management

File Icon 26. Environmental Management

File Icon 27. Estates Management

File Icon 28. Finance Management

File Icon 29. Human Resources Management

File Icon 30. Information Resources Management

File Icon 31. Intellectual Property Management

File Icon 32. ICT Systems Management

File Icon 33. Equipment and Consumables Management

File Icon 34. Insurance Management

File Icon 35. Procurement 2012

File Icon 36. Internal Service Management

File Icon 37. School or Department Office(s) Administration

File Icon 38. Project Management

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