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Human Nutrition

energy balance; energy systems; macronutrients; micronutrients; nutritional recommendations

SCQF Points15
ECTS Points7.5
CreatedAugust 2002
ApprovedJune 2010
AmendedSeptember 2015
Version No.2

This Version is No Longer Current
The latest version of this module is available here
Prerequisites for Module

Successful completion of Stage 1 of the BSc (Hons) Applied Sport and Exercise Science course, or equivalent.

Corequisite Modules


Precluded Modules


Aims of Module

To develop understanding of the basic principles underpinning human nutrition.

Learning Outcomes for Module

On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:

1. Distinguish between macro and micro-nutrients in relation to chemical structures, functions and sources.
2. Identify the metabolic pathways through which food sources are broken down to provide fuel for the body.
3. Explain nutritional principles in relation to different stages of the lifespan.
4. Provide evidence-based nutritional recommendations.

Indicative Module Content

Features, functions and sources of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals); energy balance and control of energy homeostasis; fluid and electrolytes; energy systems and metabolism; digestion and absorption; nutritional recommendations throughout the lifespan.

Indicative Student Workload

Contact Hours

Full Time

Directed Study



Private Study



Mode of Delivery

Lectures supported by practical sessions and tutorial based discussions.

Assessment Plan

Learning Outcomes Assessed
Component 1 1,2,3,4

Component 1 will be assessed by an examination

Indicative Bibliography

1.ROSS, C. A., 2014. Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease. 11th ed. London: Lipincott, Williams and Williams.
2.LANGLEY-EVANS, S. C., 2009. Nutrition: A Lifespan Approach. London: Wiley Blackwell.
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4.McCARDLE, W.D., KATCH, F.I. and KATCH V.L., 2014. Exercise Physiology, energy, nutrition and human performance. 8th ed. London: Lipincott, Williams and Williams.

Additional Notes

A pass will not normally be awarded for this module unless the student has attended a minimum of 80% of all learning opportunities.

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