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Live Festival Management

festival, management, event planning, live event operations

SCQF Points30
ECTS Points15
CreatedMarch 2015
ApprovedAugust 2015
Version No.1

This Version is No Longer Current
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Prerequisites for Module

None in addition to course entry requirements or equivalent.

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Aims of Module

To give the student the relevant academic and practical skills to enable the effective planning, organisation and execution of a Live Event.

Learning Outcomes for Module

On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:

1. Identify and apply appropriate event planning and operational skills through the delivery of a live event.
2. Plan and deliver an event following a brief.
3. Demonstrate a capacity to professionally initiate, negotiate and service commercial and social contracts with industrial partners or local organisations.
4. Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively with a range of internal and external event stakeholders.

Indicative Module Content

In this module students will engage with both the process of event management planning techniques, and the practice of staging a live event.

This event must be targeted to a specific audience and will follow a brief. The range of opportunities available to students with regards to their event requires that each group must negotiate the specific event content and format with the module leader in order to ensure consistency in standards and quality.

Indicative Student Workload

Contact Hours

Full Time

Directed Study

Directed Study

Private Study

Private Study

Mode of Delivery

Key concepts are introduced and illustrated through lectures, directed reading and seminars. The students' understanding is further enhanced through student-centred learning exercises, open workshops and industry liaison. The students will then plan, organise and run a live event.
This module is largely self-directed study and practice based, with workshops and lectures aiding the progress of the event with practical advice and academic underpinning.

Assessment Plan

Learning Outcomes Assessed
Component 1 1,2,3,4

Assessment of this module consists of a portfolio of group work. Students will undertake three pieces of work: a pitch, delivery of a live event, and an individual reflective piece.

Indicative Bibliography

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