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Delict (Online LLB)

Negligence; Common Law Fault; Professional Liability; Economic Loss; Statutory Liabilities; Property Delicts; Reputational Delicts

SCQF Points15
ECTS Points7.5
CreatedMay 2002
ApprovedAugust 2013
Version No.1

This Version is No Longer Current
The latest version of this module is available here
Prerequisites for Module

None in addition to SCQF 8 entry requirements or equivalent.

Corequisite Modules


Precluded Modules


Aims of Module

To develop a knowledge and understanding of the principles of the law of delict and the relevant case law.

Learning Outcomes for Module

On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:

1. Identify the key issues of law and fact arising from legal problems relating to law of delict.
2. Evaluate and apply the principles of law of delict applicable to the problems of law of delict.
3. Critically assess and evaluate the legal and factual issues relevant to the solution of the problems of the law of delict

Indicative Module Content

This module will study the fundamental concepts of delict, types of liability; common law and statutory liability including a study of the Occupier's Liability (Scotland) Act, and Consumer Protection Act ; negligence; liability for economic loss; harm to reputation (defamation); nuisance and interference with property; nervous shock (including liability to the relatives of the victim); bodily integrity and consent for medical procedures; professional liability; defences; limitation and prescription; and remedies.

Indicative Student Workload

Contact Hours

Distance Learning
Online activities

Directed Study

Directed Study

Private Study

Private Study

Mode of Delivery

The module will be delivered by lecture and by online tutorials and discussion fora in which students will be required to analyse and apply the law to set practical situations.

Assessment Plan

Learning Outcomes Assessed
Component 1 1,2,3
Component 2 1,2,3
Component 3 3

Component 1 - Written coursework worth 30% of the overall module grade.

Component 3 - Oral assignment worth 10% of the overall module grade.

Component 2 - Examination worth 60% of the overall module grade.

Indicative Bibliography

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