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Module Title
Laboratory Work
Reference ASM004 Version 4
Created October 2017 SCQF Level SCQF 11
Approved December 2004 SCQF Points 15
Amended February 2018 ECTS Points 7.5

Aims of Module
To develop the core scientific analytical skills relevant to the choice of elective in a practical context using modern instrumentation and data handling and developing analytical skills. Practical skills complement and support theoretical knowledge gained in ASM001, ASM019 and encourage students to be confident in the solution of practical analytical problems.

Learning Outcomes for Module
On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:
1 Critically assess the dangers inherent with working with hazardous substances or techniques, such as chemicals, bio materials, lasers, ionising radiation and apply safe working principles in practical laboratory work.
2 Effectively solve a range of analytical problems using analytical instrumentation and critically appraise the data/results produced.

Indicative Module Content
Practical exercises and problem solving using analytical instrumentation will be undertaken in the context of the elective chosen. The following list is representative of the techniques. Microscopy; optical, transmission and SEM-EDXA. Spectroscopy; ICP-AES, ultraviolet/visible, FTIR, fluorescence, NMR, MS, X-ray fluorescence. Chromatography; HPLC, packed and capillary GC, GC-MS, CE, GC-FID, Ion chromatography and LC-MS. Ion selective electrodes. Stripping voltammetry. Sample pre-treatment methods including SPME and SPE.

Module Delivery
Laboratory work is delivered through 11 lab sessions. All students must successfully complete the Laboratory Passport in the first week of study. Practical competence is developed by a series of analytical problem-solving exercises ranging from supervised use of instrumentation initially and progress to working confidently and autonomously.

Indicative Student Workload Full Time Part Time
Contact Hours 75 75
Non-Contact Hours 75 75
Placement/Work-Based Learning Experience [Notional] Hours N/A N/A
TOTAL 150 150
Actual Placement hours for professional, statutory or regulatory body    

If a major/minor model is used and box is ticked, % weightings below are indicative only.
Component 1
Type: Coursework Weighting: 70% Outcomes Assessed: 2
Description: This is a formal report produced from one of the instrumental analytical exercises
Component 2
Type: Practical Exam Weighting: 30% Outcomes Assessed: 1
Description: This is a skills test based on practical tasks, analytical planning of procedure and data handling

Explanatory Text
To pass this Module the student must achieve a grade D or better. Grading will be based on the following criteria:
Module Grade Minimum Requirements to achieve Module Grade:
A Overall mark greater than or equal to 70%, and minimum of 50% in C1 and C2
B Overall mark between 60-69% and a minimum of 40% in C1 and C2
C Overall mark between 50-59% and minimum of 35% in C1 and C2
D Overall mark between 40-49% and minimum of 35% in C1 and C2
E MARGINAL FAIL. Overall mark between 35-39% and minimum of 35% in C1 and C2
F FAIL. Overall mark of less than 35% or either C1 or C2 less than 35%
NS Non-submission of work by published deadline or non-attendance for examination

Module Requirements
Prerequisites for Module In addition to course entry requirements, students must successfully complete the RGU Laboratory Safety Passport.
Corequisites for module None.
Precluded Modules None.

Students must pass the RGU Laboratory Safety Passport prior to undertaking any laboratory work. Students are issued with booklets at the beginning of the year in which details of each laboratory exercise are given. Some exercises require additional reading and this is detailed on the appropriate sheets. The use of industry standard state-of-the-art instrumental equipment greatly enhances the employability of our graduates.

1 Lab Handbook and Experiment Procedures Booklet.

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