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Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Scale (RIPLS) Questionnaire

The following is an example of a tool used by Aberdeen IPE to measure attitudinal change with regard to IPE. It was adapted with permission from:

Parsell G, & Bligh J.(1999) ‘The development of a questionnaire to assess the readiness of health care students for interprofessional learning (RIPLS),’ Medical Education, Vol. 33, pp. 95-100.

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The purpose of this questionnaire is to examine the attitude of health and social care students to interprofessional learning and is part of the larger interprofessional education programme in health and social care in Aberdeen. For more information please contact Dr Sundari Joseph at s.joseph@rgu.ac.uk or visit the IPE Website

All information provided by you will be confidential and no findings which could identify you will be reported or published. Data obtained from this questionnaire will be stored securely. The completion of this questionnaire is voluntary and your decision to complete will not influence any relationship with either university involved in the project. By returning this questionnaire you are agreeing to take part in this research.

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For questions 1-12 please mark the circle you most agree with - only mark one answer

1. Learning with other students will make me a more effective member of a health and social care team


2. Patients would ultimately benefit if health and social care students learn together


3. Communication skills should be learned with other health and social care students


4. Teamworking skills are vital for all health and social care students to learn


5. Learning clinical skills will improve team communication


6. Learning clinical skills together before qualification will improve working relationships after qualification


7. Skills related to patient safety should be learned together


8. For clinical skills learning to work students need to respect and trust each other


9. I don't want to waste time learning with other health and social care students


10. It is not necessary for undergraduate health and social care students to learn together


11. I would welcome the opportunity to learn clinical skills with other health and social care students


12. Shared learning before qualification will help me become a better team worker


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