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The oil and gas industry faces challenges of an uncertain economic climate and changing market forces. These include management of depleted/mature fields, and the need to improve recovery as well as improve reserves/production through the exploitation of marginal fields and deep-water environments. In response to these challenges, the industry is extending the frontiers of current technology as well as adopting a vast array of innovative and new technology.
To meet these objectives demands a quantum leap in integrated technical know-how in terms of fundamental principles and development of new technology.
These are the key drivers to the integrated research and development programmes in Oil & Gas Reservoir and Well Technology being carried out by the Well Engineering Research Group at The Robert Gordon University.

The Well Engineering Research Group is made up of a Multi-Disciplinary team of engineers and scientists with expertise in Oil & Gas Well Engineering, Acoustics/NDT, Instrumentation and Control and Fluids Engineering.   

Our Research Philosophy

Virtual Well Engineering

Current Research Areas

Current Projects

(i)    Smart Tools for Intelligent Sand Management
(ii)   Fines Migration Mechanisms in Reservoirs and High
         Permeability Sands
(iii)   Sand Management Network[New Initiative]
(iv)   Intelligent Variable Screen System [VSSTM]   

(i)    A study of productivity improvement
         mechanisms in underbalanced drilling -
         [New Initiative]
(ii)    Hole Cleaning Analysis in underbalanced drilling
(iii)   CUTLIFTTM[New Initiative]
(iv)   Hydraulic Optimisation in underbalanced drilling
(v)    Analysis of Formation Damage aspects of
         underbalanced drilling in HP-HT Environments
(vi)   Jetsub for Hole Cleaning and downhole pressure
         control in UBD operations - [New Initiative]   

(i)    Analysis of the Static/Dynamic Filtration
         Mechanisms of Drilling/Completion Fluids and effect
         on formation damage in HP-HT Environments
(ii)    Modelling of the Flow Profile of Heavy Crude in
         Oil Wells


The Sand Management Network

Contact Details

M.Babs Oyeneyin, PhD; C.Eng
Professor of Petroleum/Offshore Engineering
The Robert Gordon University
Schoolhill, Aberdeen AB10 1FR
Mobile: 07900992321
Mail: b.oyeneyin@rgu.ac.uk

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