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3639 Aphale, Mukta:  Web and Applications Developer...  IT Services  Riverside East-n/a

2772 Bain, Richard:  Network Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

2754 Bartosiewicz, Beata:  Project Manager  IT Services  ICRGU Building-ICn/a

2777 Capaldi, Josh:  Help Desk Analyst  IT Services  ICRGU Building-ICn/a

2751 Clark, Stephanie:  Senior Web & Applications Deve...  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2217 Connon, Julie:  Web Developer  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2796 Croly, Shona:  Project Support Officer/Busine...  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2696 Cunningham, Michael:  IT Systems Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2235 Cunningham, Ross:  Placement Network Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU Building-ICn/a

2250 Dixon, David:  Lead VLE Technologist  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

2460 Eddie, Tony:  Technical Services Officer (IT...  University IT/AV Support Team  Riverside East-N451

2763 Florence, Jim:  Operations & Support Team Lead...  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

2746 Furneaux, Dave:  Systems-Network Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2785 Gray, Mike:  IT Systems Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

2766 Hall, David:  Head of IT Development & Proje...  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222d

- HDTest, Xendesktop:

2073 Ibekwe, Enohi:  Database Administrator  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

2647 Irvine, Ivan:  Technical Services Officer (IT...  University IT/AV Support Team  Garthdee - Phase 1-215

2178 Jones, Colin:  Web and Applications Team Lead...  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

3631 Kaufmann, Karen:  Technical Services Officer (IT...  Gray's School of Art  Garthdee-GA50M

2749 Kennedy, Christopher:  Help Desk Analyst  IT Services  ICRGU Building-ICn/a

2761 Keresztessy, Csaba:  Systems-Network Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2794 Lewis, Mark:  Director of Information Techno...  IT Services  ICRGU Building-IT Services

2179 Lynch, Richard:  Head of IT Operations & Suppor...  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222c

2989 Macpherson, Iain:  Technical Services Officer (IT...  University IT/AV Support Team  FOHSC-H302

2739 Marnoch, Scott:  Help Desk Analyst  IT Services  ICRGU Building-ICn/a

2070 Marooth, Jayne:  Senior Project Manager  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2078 McConochie, Lewis:  Senior Database Administrator  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

- McLaren, Colin:  Help Desk Analyst  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2642 Miniach, Kamil:  Technical Services Officer (IT...  University IT/AV Support Team  FOHSC-Hn/a

2752 Morrell, Andrew:  Senior Systems Engineer (Opera...  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

3162 Muir, Bill:  Database Administrator  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

2755 Murray, Kath:  Help Desk Team Lead  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

2799 Paterson, Chris:  Computer Operator  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2656 Petrie, Robert:  Systems-Network Engineer  IT Services  FOHSC-Hn/a

2793 Rendall, Stanley:  Support and Operations Analyst...  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2745 Shand, Luke:  IT Systems Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

- Shandzz, zzLuke:

2781 Shek, Winnie:  Procurement Assistant  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

- Staff Test, Citrix:  Citrix Test Account  IT Services  ICRGU Building-IC222

- Surname4, PreferredName4:  Alumni  Alumni  n/a-n/a

2777 Van Der Ploeg, Eric:  Help Desk Analyst  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222 e.van‑der‑

2760 Walsh, Kim:  Campus IT Service Lead  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2771 Watson, Timon:  IT Systems Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2764 Watt, Andrew:  Senior Helpdesk Analyst  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2753 Watt, Kevin:  Support and Operations Analyst...  IT Services  ICRGU Building-IC222

2997 Westwaters, Michael:  Network Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

2778 White, Colin:  IT Systems Engineer  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

2813 Wilson, James:  Technical Services Officer (IT...  University IT/AV Support Team  Riverside East-n/a

2995 Wilson, Gavin:  Infrastructure Development Tea...  IT Services  ICRGU - IC222

3755 Witkowski, Irek:  Technical Services Officer (IT...  University IT/AV Support Team  Garthdee-n/a

2770 Wright, Peter:  Web and Applications Developer...  IT Services  ICRGU-IC222

- ,itndftst:  Systems-Network Engineer  IT Services  

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Other Numbers:

2783 Computer Lab, IT Services   B41  

2797 Computer Lab, IT Services   A52  

2760 Computer Room, IT Services   A44b  

2427 Computer Room (ISDT 300), IT Services   C311  

2892 Fax Machine, IT Services   A44  

2767 Fax Machine, IT Services   A44  

2777 Help Desk, IT Services   A6

2795 Training Room, IT Services   A51  

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